Distressed Jeans

Welcome to DistressedJeans.net, the distressed jeans specialists.  Jeans are an item that almost everyone has in their wardrobe. They are known for being very comfortable to wear, and when they are distressed, they are softer and mold to the shape of the body. Distressed jeans are a very popular style of jeans that have been purposely modified to look worn or ripped to give them a fashionable look. They may have had acid poured on the denim fabric to create holes or weak spots in the fabric, or they may have rips or cuts that have been arranged on a perfect pair of new jeans. Some pairs of distressed jeans look so shabby that an older person would not even give them to charity because they seem to have no life left in them.

Distressed JeansPart of the appeal of distressed jeans is that they are shocking to the older generation that cannot believe that anyone would wear such apparel. They are a subtle anti-establishment protest that can still be worn to gain admittance to restaurants and establishments that require pants in most cases. Wearing distressed jeans is stylish and comfortable unless slashed pants are worn in the freezing weather. Sometimes the rips are so large that cold air could definitely enter the pants legs to make the wearer very cold.

It’s amazing to think that distressed jeans in designer styles cost $300-$400 or even more. They are made in both men’s and women’s styles and in styles for children as well. After taking a closer look at distressed jeans, it is possible to see that they are made with the latest designer features, such as skinny legs and details that are usually found only in better apparel. The front and back upper part of the jeans may have a worn look, but it is usually apparent that they are new when you take time to really look at them. Some designers continue to create badly ripped styles, but the trend is moving back to a worn look with either no rips or smaller rips on them. DistressedJeans.net reports the latest style trends are body hugging, especially for women, and never slouchy.

Many older, sophisticated buyers of modern apparel want to buy the latest styles, so they lean towards buying distressed jeans that are only slightly distressed. They bypass the starving artist, ripped distressed jeans for those that have a well-worn effect that softens the denim fabric. These distressed jeans may have thinner fabric on the seat of the pants to provide the illusion that they have been frequently sat in, and there may also be touches of fading and distressing on the knees in the front. The total effect still looks neat and fashionable, minus the tears and rips that are left for younger buyers. Dark tones of blue denim are the most popular, along with black jeans. The black is not a pure black, however, but is more charcoal grey. These jeans are truly distressed and worn-looking, rather than having slashes down the legs.

Women’s distressed jeans often do have slashes and rips, although pairs with merely a distressed look can be purchased as well. There are hipster styles with tattered cuts on the front thigh area and pairs with acid scars from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the pants. Almost all of the women’s styles have boot cut bottoms with pencil legs, or slim, body-hugging legs. These jeans provide a very long-legged illusion, especially if they are worn with four or five inch heels. Women’s jeans in this style are made in black, white, and several shades of denim. There are also hipster crop jeans that extend down to just below the knee. DistressedJeans.net has found they are often folded to give the appearance of a cuff. The key to knowing that women’s distressed jeans are actually brand new is to look at the details. There are often flap pockets at the back, and the zipper and snap almost always look brand new.